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1- What is biogas?


2- How is  biogas turned into energy and  what applications exist for such energy?


3- Why is biogas regarded as a renewable energy?


4- Is biogas the best alternative for organic residues treatment?


5- Does it have any advantages over other renewable energy sources  like wind and solar energy?


6- Which one is it the best biogas technology for getting the maximum energy output and project profitability from my residues?


7- Why is biogas  considered the most efficient biological conversion technology for residues?


8- Which kind of residues can be turned into energy?


9 - How does the technology works?


10- How much biogas can I produce out of my residues?


11- Isn’t methane harmful for the environment? Doesn’t methane content in biogas damage the environment?


12- How much does it costs to build a biogas plant?


13- What is a typical pay-back period for a biogas project?


14- Could you send me an offer to construct a biogas plant?


15- How much do you charge for engineering a biogas plant?


16- I’m interested in your services, what are the next steps?


1...16 (+/-)


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